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2023 NFL Survivor Football Pool / Knockout Pool Pricing and Guidelines:

By using THEOFFICEPOOL.COM to run your 2023 NFL Football Survivor Pool, you're taking away all the work, and making your 2023 Survivor NFL Pool more fun than ever. The best part is, you can talk a little "smack" with other members of your pool before and during the 2023 Road to the Super Bowl. Player Status is updated after the Monday night game, so you can see how you're doing against the competition. Here's how to start...

- Open an Account
- Log In
- Click on "Create Pool" after selecting "NFL Survivor" from the "NFL Pools" Menu
- Start inviting friends and co-workers to your pool

Simply create a pool with a unique name and password and start inviting people today. Once people have joined your pool by logging on and entering your poolname and password on the "join pool" page, they can make each week's nfl survivor pick on the "picks" page. Please note, that weekly picks are "straight up" and not vs. the spread. As the pool administrator, you can decide whether or not to allow players to be "revived" or not once they've chosen a team that loses. It's that easy!

Pricing will be based on participation. Their is a one time charge of $1.00 for every participant in your pool with a minimum of $20. Once you create a 2023 Survivor/Suicide Pool, you will be responsible for paying this administrative fee between 6PM EST on September 8th (when pool rosters are locked) and 10PM EST on Sept. 18. If payment is not received by September 18, 2023 , your pool will be locked. To pay, click on "Pool Admin", then go to "Payment Status".

There is no more exciting season in any year than the NFL Season. Enjoy the games and your pool!

LOG IN or REGISTER to create a pool now!"

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