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Publish Date: March 7, 2014
Welcome to the Team Page!!<br><br>Post Photos, Videos, Comments and Links here<br><br>or just talk a little SMACK
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Howie J
To nobody&#039;s fault, does anyone else agree this setup was incredibly lame? Random team, single elimination, zero ability to dictate or improve your chances and overall, zero fun. Like I said, no...View More
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Richard Fronapfel
I was asked to program it by another client and thought it was a really cool concept for a pool. I actually like the format, but it seems like you need to have multiple entries to give yourself a shot. Beats the hell out of the old, pull the team out of the hat type pool. What do you think we cou...View More
Howie J
Personally, I still enjoy the good ol' pick your brackets, points earned per round, most points win or perhaps some variation of it. Absolutely no fault to try something new. It sounded interesting, but turned out to be like pulling on a slot machine and see what comes up. I like to have a little mo...View More
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