Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I retrieve a forgotten password?

A: Click on the "Forgot Password?" link at Log In. Type in your registered email address and submit. You will receive an email from Dick Bonneville @ The Office Pool with a link to send a temporary password. Follow the link, and another email will be sent with your temporary password. Copy and paste that password when you log in (with either your email or registered username). Once logged in, change your password by clicking on "Account Settings"

Q: How do I change my Password or Display Name?

A: Go to "Account Settings" to change your Full Name, User Name, Email Address, Password or Birthday

Q: How much will my pool cost?

A: Pool pricing varies by event and pool size. Check the "Pricing/Rules" item under each menu section to check the price of your pool.

Q: How do invite people to join my pool?

A: Once you've created your pool, pick "Pool Admin" from the pool type menu, then copy and paste the text from that page into your own e-mail. Don't forget to include your own pool name and password for potential participants.

Q: Can I have multiple entries into a single pool?

A: Yes! Once you are logged in, you can join any pool multiple times by creating "Sub-Accounts". These are easily created on the "Join Pool" pages.

Q: How do I change my Player Profile Picture?

A: Click on the Player menu and select ."Edit Player Picture"

Q: How do I change who can see my Player Stats?

A: Click on the Privacy Settings. You can control what and how your personal information is seen by other players in the network

Q: How do I change my Pool "Alias"?

A: Click on "Player", then "My Locker". Change your alias and click on "Change". This is the name that will show up on all pages related to your pool (Rankings, Picks, etc.)

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