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Richard Fronapfel
by on January 4, 2016
I've been remiss in updating this blog of late. I suppose I try (and usually fail) to follow Todd Bowles' mantra of never getting too high or too low based on the outcomes of games, records set, fan frenzies, etc. Had I taken to writing about the Jets this year, it may have whipped me into a similarly frenzied state...frothing at the mouth at the prospect of a playoff team and a "magic" season. had I been inclined to do so, today may have felt even worse than it already does.
So, I approached the season as I do most others...cautiously optimistic and trying my best to enjoy the ride. Records (lots of them) were set, leaders emerged and a team jelled, and it was a pretty fun ride. I let this season unfold, and, objectively, I found a lot to be proud about and even more to look forward to. In brief, my beloved Jets are poised to be a credible contender for years to come thanks to Woody Johnson's ability to show some humility and move quickly to erase the debacle that was the Idzik years.
Franchises don't become championship franchises overnight. For those of us who have been bleeding green for decades (in my case five decades thanks to my recent birthday), that is a fact that we know all too well. It starts at the top with a owner dedicated to winning and an ability to let those entrusted with the course of the organization to forge ahead. A GM with vision (and who is not looking over his shoulder) is the next piece. One unafraid to make a splash, but who can also evaluate the second-tier talent and know which players will fit in a system and flourish (hopefully, without breaking the bank). The final piece of the puzzle is a head coach with some gravitas; one who inspires both admiration and respect, and whom grizzled veterans and wide-eyed rookies will happily follow into battle.
In my duties at <strong><font color=#000376>The</font><font color=#820000>OfficePool</font><font color=#000376>.com</font></strong>, I was forced to update results from yesterday's game and ready the site for the spate of playoff pools that are that will not include my Jets. Do I think the Jets are a better team than the Bills?...Yes. Do I think they could have made some noise in a wide-open AFC playoff field?...yes. Did I feel nauseous updating this site last night and today?...yes, but all that said, I like this path for my team. The fact that they weren't ready to take the next step just yet under a new regime and on the heels of at 4-12 season is a tough pill to swallow, but Jets fans should take heart. There is a tomorrow, and by all measures, that tomorrow is bright; brighter than it has been in quite some time.
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