Richard Fronapfel
by on July 27, 2011
Based on the title of this article, I'm sure there are those of you who have already decided that I'm a bit nuts, but all I ask is that you reserve judgement until you've reached the end. Sure, based on statistics, there are more than six starting QBs in the NFL that have outpaced third year starter, Mark Sanchez. Moreover, there have been certain starts by the USC grad that have been downright awful, but here are three reasons that I'd take him over any of the Tier II quarterbacks: <font color=#820000>Work Ethic</font> You have to give it to the kid. He wants to be great. Some young QBs come into the NFL wanting to make a squad, learn a playbook, and compete for a starting job. This kid came into New York City and wanted nothing less than to be the next Joe Willie, and I think that he has the drive to get close. The spotlight certainly does not phase him. <font color=#820000>Playoff Wins</font> Love him or hate him, Sanchez holds the NFL RECORD for most road wins in the playoffs. This is only his THIRD YEAR! This stat has been downplayed by several of the NFL TV pundits, but I think it shows him to be a tough-minded pro with a penchant for shining when the spotlight is brightest. <font color=#820000>Professionalism</font> Recently, Sanchez offered to re-structure his contract to free up cap space. The result has been a quick signing of number 1 WR Santonio Holmes, and a serious courtship with lockdown corner and would-be broadway star, Nnamdi Asomugha. This kind of team-first mentality is not just rare, but non-existent in this era of professional sports. I guarantee this won him no brownie points with an Players' Association that just ended the longest work stoppage in NFL history, and that seems to be OK with Sanchez. It's all about winning with this kid, and I guarantee the other Jets (veterans and rookies alike) are taking notice. There are plenty of other reasons to believe that Sanchez will have success in 2011 (newly re-signed Santonio Holmes as a target, another year in the same system with Shottenheimer, the trust of head coach Rex Ryan), but i believe it's his grit and commitment that separate him from many of his contemporaries. Is he Peyton But as a life-long New York Jets fan, I'll take my chances with Mark Sanchez! Start your <font color=#000376>NFL Weekly Pool</font> or your <font color=#000376>NFL Survivor Pool</font> today at <font size=4><font color=#000376>The</font><font color=#820000>OfficePool</font><font color=#000376>.com</font></font>
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