Dick Bonneville
by on July 25, 2011
I've been running Office Pools for 20+ years now, and this one was new to me... The MLB 13 Run Pool is actually very simple and a lot of fun. Here's how it works: Each pool is comprised of 30 players (no more/no less). Each player gets assigned one MLB team (randomly), which he or she will follow for the duration of the pool. The assigned team needs to score a total of each number of runs between 0 and 13 in any game. Each time the team scores one of those totals on a given day means one less number that the participant needs. For example, if a player is assigned Boston and the Red Sox win 8-3, then that player no longer need the number 8 on the board. If Boston loses 5-4, then that no longer need the number 4. The pool continues until all numbers from 0-13 are achieved by one of the MLB Teams/Pool participants. The first player to do so, wins! The great thing about 13 Run pools, is that the pool administrator can have multiple pools per year, and he or she can control the start date of each pool. I'm in two right now, and it's great. If you want to start your own or learn more, go to <font size=4><font color=#000376>The</font><font color=#820000>OfficePool</font><font color=#000376>.com</font></font> Good Luck!!!!
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