Dick Bonneville
by on July 25, 2011
Office Pools are fun, and the American Idol pools are among the most entertaining and frustrating (which is why they talk so much Smack (or as they call it on The Office Pool "Idol Chit-chat"). I've been running, hosting and participating in these pools for 5 years, and I've won 3 times, and it's not just luck. There are a few kinds of Idol pools, but this one is specifically for those where you pick the winner before the Top 12 go to 11 and you pick one contestant to be eliminated before the results show each subsequent week. So, without further ado, here are five tips that will all but guarantee victory in your American Idol pool.: When picking the overall winner, go with your gut. Momentum swings over 11 weeks are completely unpredictable, and it's rarely the early favorite that wins, so pick the person you like best and who has shown the most personality. When picking the weekly elimination, detach yourself emotionally. Many of us watched in horror, as Sanjaya Malakar and other dreadful singers advanced. This is about who America votes for, not how good or bad they are. Notice trends! This is likely the most important factor. if someone is in the bottom three for consecutive weeks, it's a good bet they'll be there again even if they have a great week. The reverse is also true. If you can't understand why a person seems never to be in the bottom three, think about what demographic might be keeping them alive (Country Western music is wildly popular even if you hate it, teenage girls vote...A LOT, etc.) The "Victim" factor. This is huge. Anyone who ends up in tears after being beaten up by the judges, NEVER goes home the following night. Don't be afraid to vote for your overall winner to go home one week. Hey, we all want to have our favorite be the last man or woman standing, but hoping for it does not make it so. If it comes down to a late week, you're behind and looks like your fave is getting the axe, pull the trigger and take the point. There it is. If you don't get emotionally invested, you'll be taking home the big prize (even if it's just bragging rights)! More to come on <font size=4><font color=#000376>The</font><font color=#820000>OfficePool</font><font color=#000376>.com</font></font>
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