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Lives in Neverland, United States · Born on January 1, 1970
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Good luck to all! I think it's going to be surprising? SIR prizing? Maybe 'Z' Oscar will go to CaLALAfornia? Maybe Chicago? Maybe the Royals Oak? Maybe stay in SomerBeantownville? Kodakland? Brooklyno...
Well, as a "Z" I am experienced on the 'first shall be last and the last shall be first",
but.......Happy Oscar Pool! ;-)
Smack! Boom Trashtalk! 'Chaela is talking trash at 3:51 in the morning! Into it!
much? Yes Jimbo, you e-v-i-l twinlet (triplet?), I am studying up.

Go Didi!
Go Selin!
Go Lilysue!
Go Geeklet!
? of the we...
I don't understand where my teammates are?
Richard Fronapfel
Click on the Talk Smack/Connect link on the Oscar Menu...
Mooo Mooo Mooo all the way home! Boston's year finally!
Well I think I made it into the Pool! Nice pic Didi! You too Sara!
Felix is back and will talk some smack!
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Richard and I once again entered as Lilysue [Lilysue and Lilysue-3]. I reminded Diane that last year she had said, "Does that man have no pride?" This time around, after our just repeating that tack, she said, "Asked and answered."

Can we count on some Likes here from Sara and the Champs corner.
Well there we go! Trash talking is about to get under way! Garbage refuse(s) to stop coming! At least I might be first at something to do with this, joining? Except for the non-Pontiac Dick Bonneville...
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