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Captcha Challenge
Jaime Daley
how do we see each others pics?
Dick Bonneville
At 8PM EST, when the show starts, you will be able to click on the button on the rankings page next to any player and see his/her picks
Brad Daley
I've changed a couple a couple.....Ugh too!
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Are we waiting for the TRASH to come in? ;-)
Smack smack!
Felix is here! Yay! Thanks Didi!
Who's gonna win?
Why I think it will be....whoever talks t5he best TRASH!
Good luck to all! I think it's going to be surprising? SIR prizing? Maybe 'Z' Oscar will go to CaLALAfornia? Maybe Chicago? Maybe the Royals Oak? Maybe stay in SomerBeantownville? Kodakland? Brooklyno...
Well, as a "Z" I am experienced on the 'first shall be last and the last shall be first",
but.......Happy Oscar Pool! ;-)
Smack! Boom Trashtalk! 'Chaela is talking trash at 3:51 in the morning! Into it!
much? Yes Jimbo, you e-v-i-l twinlet (triplet?), I am studying up.

Go Didi!
Go Selin!
Go Lilysue!
Go Geeklet!
? of the we...
I don't understand where my teammates are?
Richard Fronapfel
Click on the Talk Smack/Connect link on the Oscar Menu...
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