Runs Pool Pricing and Guidelines:


By using THEOFFICEPOOL.COM to run your 13-Run or 15-Run Pool, you're taking away all the work and making your Idol Pool more fun than ever. There are no longer copies to make, entries to collect or scores to tally. The best part is, you can upload videos, photos or links and "talk smack" with other members of your pool as you race to get every run total for your team. Scoring updates will be posted daily, so you can see how you're doing against the competition.

Here's how it works...

The object of a Runs pool is simple. Each player gets assigned an MLB team. Your team needs to register a point total for each number (0 to 13 or 15). Each total that team scores on a given day means one less total that you need. For example, if the Blue Jays win 9-2 and you've been assigned the Blue Jays, then you no longer need the total of 9 on the board. If the Blue Jays lose 5-2, then you no longer need the run total of 2. This continues until one team hits all 14 numbers. The first player to do so, wins!

- Open an Account (if you are a new user)
- Log In (if you are not already logged in)
- Click on "Create Pool" from the "13-Run" Menu under "MLB Pools"
- Start inviting friends and co-workers to your pool will track the following based on your league's start date:

Point Totals Achieved - Each total between 0 and 13 or 15 will be tracked
Number of times a total hits - # of times a specific run total is equaled by your team

Simply Create a Pool or join an existing pool by choosing the option from the "13-Run" menu. You can track your status from there, post photos or videos or even talk a little "Smack" with other players from your league.

It's that easy!

Pricing is a flat fee per pool. The cost is $30 per pool. Once you create a Runs Pool, you will be responsible for paying this administrative fee as soon as all the players have signed up and teams have been randomly assigned (when pool rosters are locked) If payment is not received within one week, your pool will be locked.

To pay, select "Pool Admin", and "Check your Pool's Payment Status"

There is no more exciting event in any year than the baseball season. Enjoy the games and your pool!

LOG IN or REGISTER to create a pool now!"

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